Legacy Media, Google, UN, Millions of Others Control What You See


Google partners with the UN on the environment and two million international organizations in a number of ways. Google has some sketchy partners, the Dictator’s Club of the UN being the most noteworthy. Check out the 71 pages of partners.

Google is a powerful and active censor.

You can go to Armstrong Economics to hear a clip by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explaining what he learned in his lawsuit with TNI. We have a summary below.


RFK Jr. feels he’s on the “speartip of a declining legacy media” as a result of his lawsuit against Trusted News Initiative or TNI.

How It Works

Trusted News Initiative (TNI) is a conspiracy initiated by the BBC. TNI called together all of the legacy news sites, including API, The Associated Press, Reuters, the UPI, Washington Post, and many, many others, to form their conspiracy against alternative media to save their dying industry.

“They married them [the legacy news sites] to the social media sites, to Microsoft, to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple…they all agreed that they would censor certain kinds of information. For example, any information about COVID that departed from government orthodoxies, but also information that challenged any kind of political orthodoxies, like any reports on Hunter Biden’s laptop, reports about the Ukraine war inconsistent with the official US positions, and this was an extraordinary thing this has never happened before.”

The Obtained Internal Communications

RFK’s team obtained “internal communications and one of the things that the BBC organizers said at the beginning “is that you know this is about saving ourselves, our economic models because we are, you know, most people look at us. They say CNBC are competitors, but we aren’t the real competition. The competition is coming from these thousands of emerging alternative media sites that are eroding trust in the legacy sites and are taking away our business model. We need to bond together.”

RFK explained that the way it works, they would all identify issues and individuals who were saying things that they think should be censored. They then notify each other of those opposed to the articles of the individuals or the website, and they’ll censor them. Then social media would not allow those sites to print.

So if you have a site that presents Wellness information or you are Joe Mercola and divert from the government orthodoxies, you’ll be banned on social media or shadowbanned. The legacy media prevents them from going viral, which is what alternative media relies on. It cuts off their advertising dollars by doing this.

Destroying Reach and Funds

Alternative media relies on social media and articles going viral. It’s the only way they’ll survive, so TNI found this is an effective way to destroy them. The legacy media is no longer functioning as guardians of the First Amendment of free expression. They fear skepticism towards the big aggregations of power and government corporations, and they’ve become propagandists with the powerful and the oppressors of free speech. They are the enemies …”

But as RFK courageously stands up to TNI, new ones crack through. Currently, the government is allowed to censor us via third parties. Additionally, many organizations, such as GDI, are doing exactly with TNI was doing.

GDI, Government Disinformation Index, is a UK censorship organization that makes lists of websites they claim are sending out disinformation. GDI disinformation would be anything they don’t like, including information on vaccines, elections, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and you get the picture.

Twitter’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino just said they censor “lawful but awful” and added that “freedom of speech is not freedom of reach.” There is nothing different in that from shadow banning.

Google Is the New TNI, Controlling What You See

Google has tools to determine fact from fiction. They consider reputable fact-checkers, The Washington Post, Snopes, and other leftist activist corporations.

They don’t even want satirical images.

Google Tools for Fact Checkers (Censors), who control what you see:

The Impenetrable World of Censorship

Google has AI and a complex system that models TNI. Their browser searches are biased. If you see an alternative site you like, bookmark it because you may never see it again.

The following is from an alternative media website. You can check it out yourself to determine the truth.

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