Lesbian Bars Can Only Exist If They’re Also Marxists


Making cocktails

Over 200 Lesbians lined up for the exciting opening of Doc Marie’s, a new lesbian bar. That excitement lasted less than a week as complaints poured in. Doc Marie’s, named after Dr. Marie Equi, wasn’t inclusive enough for trans or people of color.

In other words, they thought Lesbians were homophobes and racists.

The bizarre responses do not end there.

Despite mask mandates being lifted in Portland, patrons demanded more COV-prevention measures. COV is now a cold.

Patrons also claimed that Doc Marie’s had “culturally appropriative art” on the walls.

The employees rebelled. They aren’t just lesbians; they are WOKES. They presented a list of demands, and rather than meet them; Doc Marie’s shut down within five days of opening.

Among the demands were ordering the owner to quit and turning ownership over to the employees. In other words, they’re communists – Marxists.

As workers railed that it was not safe or inclusive,  the doors shut, possibly for the last time. Doc Marie’s surrendered, offering to make it more inclusive and eventually reopen.

They should start with a new, non-communist staff. But it’s Portland, and they probably can’t find any.

The message is that you can’t just be a Lesbian; you must accept all the genders and all the Marxism. That is the price you must pay for the early-on help PRIDE gave them, putting them on the path to acceptance.

Gays and lesbians can no longer stand alone. They must be WOKE. As extremists like the WOKEs gain more power, their demands will grow, and independence of any kind will disappear. You must buy the entire ideology.

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