NYC’s Major Crimes Rise 37%, Gov. Hochul’s Beefing Up Swimmer Security vs. Shark Attacks


NYC’s Major Crimes Rise 37%

Gov. Hochul’s Beefing Up Swimmer Security vs. Shark Attacks

by James S. Soviero

The most recent data covering this year’s criminal activity in New York City shows a 37% explosion in major crimes.

Here are some of the most terrifying: felony assault +18.6%, burglary +32.9%, rape +11%, robbery +39.2%, auto theft +46.2% and grand larceny +49%.

Meanwhile, not very far away, at beaches along Long Island’s beautiful South Shore, five people were bitten by sharks.  Thankfully, none were seriously hurt, but given these events’ rarity, the attacks got lots of attention.

NY’s accidental gov, Kathy Hochul, leaped into action.  She ordered state agencies to beef up monitoring of those scary, sea-dwelling creatures.

“We are taking action to expand patrols for sharks and protect beachgoers from potentially dangerous situations. I encourage all New Yorkers to listen to local authorities and take precautions to help ensure safe and responsible beach trips this summer.”

Actions include deploying patrol boats, drones, and helicopters on the South Shore.

Kathy, who once called New Yorkers her “disciples,” may have tried to flip to full secular by invoking her inner Winston Churchill. Here’s her cringe-worthy doozy. “Whether it’s land, sea or air, we are going to be having more robust patrols on the shorelines.”  Somebody tell Kat this ain’t Dunkirk.

Imagine Hochul making these kinds of clear-eyed, forceful statements regarding the above-cited mayhem in the “Big Apple.”  This governor protecting motorists, tourists, subway riders, vulnerable women, apartment dwellers, and store owners with the same vigor she’s used to safeguarding swimmers.

Maybe it would sound something like, “We are taking action to expand patrols for felons and protect New Yorkers from potentially dangerous situations.  Whether it’s land, sea, or air, we will have more robust patrols on our city streets, in our subways, and in targeted high-crime neighborhoods. We will keep innocents from falling victim to deadly violence.”

Just kidding!  Hochul is nowhere to be found when it comes to the record-setting crime wave in New York City.  She doesn’t even have the courage to confront Gotham’s criminal coddling DA, Alvin, “turn ‘em loose” Bragg.

If only Kat had the same passion for hunting those two-legged predators ruining the state’s once great metropolis as she has for chasing sharks.

A cynic might say, sharks don’t vote, but in the Empire State, a certain class of criminals does, sometimes more than once.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

But who saves the citizens from the shark who governs?

Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

Answer: Lee Zeldin.