Levar Burton “Kunta Kinte” Discovers His Ancestry


Most American blacks have some white ancestry, but when LeVar Burton found out on TV from a genealogist, he was in shock. He was the Roots star, a film that covered the era of white men capturing and selling black people as slaves.

His great-great-grandfather was a white Confederate soldier named James Henry Dickson. So, does he pay reparations to himself?

Kunta was shocked at first.

After he had time to think about it, he spoke with genealogist Henry Louis Gates Jr. He was “surprised to have 20% European ancestry,” but it’s “all who I am,” and he’s “grateful to know,” and he “embraces” it all.


The National Geographic Genome Project found a tribe in Africa that was hidden away in the jungle and who had lived as they had for eons. It was the most primitive they could find. They tested their DNA, and so far, every white person who was tested has one of the markers of this primitive people. It has led researchers to believe the cradle of civilization was somewhere in the Sudan or Ethiopia.

Genographic scientists confirm that African populations are the most diverse on Earth, and that the diversity of lineages outside of Africa is a subset of that found on the continent.

DNA has shown that genetically modern humans left Africa around 60,000 years ago and went eastward into Asia.

The project ran from 2005-2020.

We are all one. E Pluribus Unum.

Levar was Kunta Kinte in Roots, the author’s imaginary journey into his ancestry.

Some slaves were rounded up by other Africans, such as in Benin. That isn’t meant to absolve the Brits, French, and Portuguese and their slave trade. People came cheap and were plentiful in Africa, and that was the first tragedy in a long list of tragedies that followed slavery. We now have sex slave traders pouring across our open borders. When will people care enough to stop it?

The man who wrote this song, John Newton, started out searching for slaves until he was saved.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

Merryl Streep was on that tv show, many years ago with Henry Louis Gates Jr, and when they told her her DNA was pretty much 100% white, one of the whitest they had found so far ( among celebrities) she was embarassed and said a few things about being disapointed.

I was embarassed, ashamed and disappointed of her STUPID EVIL REACTION.

Has she ever owned slaves? NO!

has she even beaten up or murdered a black person ? NO!

Was she there 150 or 200 years ago doing bad things? NO!

then what the hell was she apologizing for ???

People like her have mental problems, they need psychological help.

as a matter of fact her reaction was intensely racist towards the white race, she was disgusted by her race, the white race.

People like that have deep mental problems

No wonder she hates Trump

she is a good actress but an imbecile in real life.

1 month ago

We have sex slave traders pouring across our borders because there are plenty of Americans who partake in it and support it. If there was no market for it, it would dry up. Mr. Kunte Kinte should thank his lucky stars, his ancestors were brought to America giving him and his family the opportunity to grow up in a somewhat civilized country rather than the jungle.