Nazis in New York City Justifying Oct 7


The People’s Forum director, Manolo De Los Santos, is a Nazi who thinks he isn’t a Nazi. He is the executive director, and the group is anti-semitic. If you call the group that, he’ll say it’s a “propaganda trick by apologists for genocide,” adding that “we will not apologize.”

Some called his speech in the video below a “chilling” speech calling for a “blow to destroy,” reports the NY Post. His rhetoric has been called Nazi rhetoric.

He justified Oct. 7 as a way for Palestinians to escape their so-called concentration camps.

“When we finally deal that final blow to destroy Israel, when the state of Israel is finally destroyed and erased from history, that will be the single most important blow we can give to destroying capitalism and imperialism in our lifetime,” De Los Santos said in front of a cheering crowd.

De Los Santos, however, said Thursday that calls to dismantle Israel were not dissimilar to attacks on Apartheid in South Africa, adding that “for us, Zionism is synonymous with colonialism and racism.”

Haters demonize their victims to justify their attacks.

He reminds people of their responsibility to stand by the Resistance, “which takes many forms. It takes the form of an October 7th where people break out of the concentration camp.”

“Did any US corporate-owned publication ask Netanyahu to apologize for presenting a map at the United Nations that showed the total erasure of Palestine?” he said.

It was a map of Israel.

“These are forces with state power who are actually perpetrating a literal genocide and engaging in actual genocide denialism.”

Israel is not an apartheid nation, and when they get done destroying them, they’ll come for the rest of us. This group sees this as a way to destroy capitalism and non-existent imperialism. We’re infiltrated.

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