Levin, Dowd BLAST Mueller’s report! The continuation of a COUP


The House Democrats will hold a conference call this morning to discuss next steps in the wake of the Mueller report. Mueller gave them enough gossip to proceed with an unjustified impeachment trial, and that is where they eventually plan to go.

The Mueller report is a 400-page, $35 million op-ed that amounts to an “impeachment report” for the liberal media and House Democrats, argued Mark Levin on his Sunday program, “Life, Liberty & Levin.”


Democrats, the Obama administration, are the ones who interfered in the U.S. election just as Obama interfered in the Israeli election, Levin said.

Levin called the Mueller Report a continuation of the “coup” orchestrated by Hillary Clinton and her dossier. It was these administration Democrats who spied on their opponent under the preposterous notion that the President colluded with Vladimir Putin.

They used federal law enforcement and intelligence and then they appointed a special counsel to launch it.

The Department of Justice released a lightly redacted version of the Mueller report in two volumes on Thursday. The first volume of 200 pages said no collusion. The second part was filled with gossip and was intended to give House Democrats their impeachment material.

Levin called the result a “pathetic joke of a report” that established nothing the general public didn’t already know and its findings didn’t warrant a “special investigation.

The Mueller report is, essentially, Levin argued, “an impeachment report” that was written for the “media and the “Democrats in the House of Representatives.”

Levin said they wrote the report for CNN, MSNBC, Nadler, Schiff, and “all the other reprobates.”

“There’s no collusion, says the Special Counsel. That takes one sentence. It doesn’t take 200 damn pages. It doesn’t take $35 million dollars,” Levin said, referring to Vol. 2 of the report.



Trump’s personal attorney John Dowd explained that he doesn’t believe the Don McGahn alleged assertions. According to Dowd, who worked with the President during the same time period as Don McGahn, the President never said fire Mr. Mueller. That was never the message.

John Dowd was on Fox & Friends this morning and he explained that Don McGahn must have misunderstood. The message was always to tell Mueller he supported him and would give him what he needs — anything.

He thinks “the President simply wanted McGahn to call Rosenstein and have him vetted because the President did believe Mueller had some conflicts.” As Dowd says, the President is the chief law enforcement agent and was entitled to ask Rosenstein to do it and he asked his White House counsel to do it.

Dowd gave the Mueller report an “F’. It’s “very poor,” he said.

Levin also warns of a battle the likes of which we have never seen before.



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Maggie May vs. Mandolin Wind
Maggie May vs. Mandolin Wind
4 years ago

Das Radio is reporting that an increasing percentage of people are unhappy with the direction the country is going.
Good thing everything is perfect in the districts that democrats represent and there is nothing more to worry about other than removing a duly elected sitting president.
Making sure the bread and circuses continue uninterrupted is obviously a top priority for the crime syndicate masquerading as a political party known as the democrats.

4 years ago
herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Levin is absolutely right, this is truly a miscarriage of justice and real EVIL.

James Michael
James Michael
4 years ago

Thanks for all you do for America Mark.

4 years ago

Levin is absolutely correct. The whole thing was a sham meant to overthrow a duly elected sitting president.
Op-ed is the perfect description for Vol.II of the report filled with nothing more than “he said” rumours and innuendoes. A gossip column passing as an official document.
I contend that Mueller knew within 6 months that there was no there, there. Possibly even a few days after taking on the “special” role.
Now the left is off and running on the type of info they just love, horsepuckey and unicorns.
2020 is gonna be fun to watch and more fun for the reactions from the left. Those that are still left after the findings of the Barr investigations and the report from the IG is released.
Popcorn and beverages are recommended for this show. Its gonna be a long one.
Oh, and lots of clowns from the left entertaining us. To be sure.