Levin on defeating the Marxists, “we have the power, numbers, resources”


As Mark Levin says in the clip below, the media just don’t regurgitate what Democrats say, they are the tip of the spear. These media corporations don’t tell the truth and they protect human rights abuses, he explains.

Pete Hegseth asks Levin how the entire industry was captured by one ideology.

Levin responded by describing public journalism which claims the media has to have a purpose. Journalists are now propagandists for their purpose which is the ideology of the crazy hard-left.

Removing monuments in Charleston, which just happened this week, is aimed at destroying and remaking our history. This is Karl Marx!

Edmund Burke said the opposite. He said we have to learn from history.

The Left understands they have to indoctrinate children in our schools, spread propaganda in journalism, and what they are pushing is now the ideology of the Democrat Party.


He said the movement against communism as communists devour our institutions has begun. “We have power, we have numbers, we have resources,” he said.

These revolutionaries are a minority. Most of these revolutions are by minorities. They brainwash people and are enormously violent. The American people are not rising up for Biden. Only a small number of people are.

The problem is all these movements are disguised as something they are not. What they call intersectionality is the coming together of these different groups. Currently, they control our pillars of society.

We pay for all this and we need to set up patriotic groups in all of our communities to stop supporting them. Americans need to take lessons from the Left. They need to show up en masse at corporatist meetings, town halls, and stop watching the media to affect the bottom line. We have the vast number of American people.

We need to know more about teachers in our schools and have better control. Taxpayers need to file complaints against the Teacher’s associations.

This is not democratic socialism, or progressivism, or activism, it’s communism.


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