LI Has More COVID Deaths Than FL-Cuomo Didn’t Stop NYC Virus Spread


In early March, Gov. Cuomo threatened to sue states putting restrictions on New Yorkers penetrating their borders.  He bleated, “I don’t believe it’s legal. It would be economic chaos.”

Now, however, King Andrew, Slayer of the Elderly is all about quarantining visitors from over 20 states who are experiencing China-virus hotspots.  You’ll either register when you come here and quarantine for 14 days or face $2,000 fines.

What you won’t find is the Luv Guv having issued any such decree, during NYC’s COVID peak, as city dwellers were swarming into Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island.  Nope.  Maybe too many Cuomo friendly Manhattan contributors needed a get-away, with no silly 14 days of confinement attached.

So, looking back, how did that work out for Long Islanders?  Let’s compare their number of deaths to the number of passings in all of Florida.  We pick The Sunshine State because Andy, buoyed by a slavish press and what could well be clinical narcissism, thinks it’s finally to his advantage to do so.

Long Island’s two counties with a population of just over 2.8 million people, suffered, as of this writing, 4,743 deaths.  Florida, with a population of some 22 million has currently suffered 4,676 fatalities.

That computes to almost an 8 times higher death rate here when compared to Governor Ron DeSantis’ state.  Love to see Cuomo asked about that the next time he ventures to Long Island.  Actually, the next time might be the first time, in a very long time.

Maybe he was afraid he’d get the COVID.

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