Lib cities are making people stay indoors and forcing overnight curfews


San Francisco is mandating people to stay in their homes, and one city in New Jersey won’t allow people out at night. They hope this stops coronavirus. They probably hope it stops the President from being re-elected too.


San Francisco Mayor London Breed is telling city residents to stay in their homes as a shelter-in-place order is issued.

“Effective at midnight, San Francisco will require people to stay home except for essential needs,” Breed tweeted at noon Monday. “Necessary government functions & essential stores will remain open.”

Individuals are asked to avoid all gatherings except for medical purposes, to get food or to care for a friend or relative.

People should work from home unless they provide essential services, such as public safety, sanitation, and medical services.

“These steps are based on the advice of public health experts to slow the spread of #COVID19,” Breed said. “The most important thing you can do is remain home as much as possible. There is no need to rush out for food or supplies, as these stores will remain open.”

At a 1 p.m. press conference, Breed said non-essential businesses such as gyms and bars will be closing. “Restaurants will only be open for take-out,” she said.

She assured residents that grocery stores, banks, gas stations, and pharmacies will remain open.

Then, laughably, she told people not to panic. Sure, don’t panic.

“There’s no need to panic,” Breed said. “There’s no need to rush out to these places because they will be open.


The New Jersey city of Hoboken has an overnight curfew for all residents.

The curfew is among the first and most far-reaching of such measures taken in the U.S. to limit the spread of the virus.

It was announced on Saturday night by the city’s mayor, Ravi Bhalla, and came a day after a man became the first in Hoboken to test positive for COVID-19.

One man has it and no one can go out at night. What if they have to walk their dog?

Starting Monday night, residents will be under curfew from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. the next day.

All Hoboken residents will be required to remain indoors during the curfew hours except for emergencies and required work, Bhalla said.

At the same time, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said Sunday morning that a statewide curfew was one of several options “under consideration,” though the situation was not there yet, WNBC-TV reported.


Also in the New York City suburb of Teaneck, N.J., the mayor on Saturday asked all residents to self-quarantine after 18 residents tested positive for coronavirus.

Residents in the township of 41,000 are being asked to remain at home and only leave to get food or medicine, the New York Post reported.

At least they have a reason with 18 people sick from coronavirus. However, this is martial law.

“There are people that don’t understand that this is something we haven’t seen since World War II,” Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin said.

Really Hameeduddin? World War II?

I don’t know about this.

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