Liberal, talented musician canceled for objecting to arson post-Floyd


“I chose to be that guy who didn’t issue the apology,” says Daniel Elder. “Things went from there and it wasn’t good.”

Daniel Elder, a 34-year-old musician who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, has been canceled, at least for now. His publisher has blackballed him. Local choral directors refuse to program his music for fear of provoking a backlash. They won’t even let him sing in the choir.

After George Floyd’s death, the lunatics started looting, destroying everything in sight, and burning things down.

The liberal musician merely objected to people burning things down in Instagram. it cost him his career.

“He was tarred and feathered as a racist contrarian, the Instagram post that caused all the trouble was neither racist nor contrarian. An overwhelming majority of people likely agree with the sentiment behind it, which was basically this: Arson is bad,” Reason reported.

“I saw a mob mentality around my own friends, and I worried that was what was happening on the outside, too,” says Elder.

Dismayed, disenchanted, and unable to sleep, Elder decided to delete his Instagram account. He penned one last farewell message, which was cross-posted to his Twitter and professional Facebook page: “Enjoy burning it all down, you well-intentioned, blind people. I’m done.”

That harmless truthful comment that most agree with went viral the next day. His Facebook and YouTube were spammed.

All he did was object to the arson and the cancel culture came for him, condemning him. Now, no one will hire him and he has contemplated suicide.

This is evil, and the people who do it are a disgrace.

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