Libs demand Fox fire Tucker for endorsing white supremacy


The ADL and other libs want Tucker Carlson fired, claiming that he’s giving a clear endorsement of “white supremacy.”

What he did to bring down the wrath of the cancel culture was to state the truth on his show during a segment with Mark Steyn.

Tucker said the illegal immigrants are replacing Americans.

Protecting your border is now “white supremacy.”

The Left just wants the malleable foreigners for votes and a permanent electoral majority. They don’t even care that the little children are being raped.

The left is so far gone that they can’t even have a rational conversation. Do it their way or else.

This is the clip they are talking about, and if you have a different belief system, you’re a moron:

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Merfin and Ruthers
Merfin and Ruthers
2 years ago

I endorse Diana Ross and the Supremes along with King of the Jungle Eddie C. Campbell.
Did the comrades really believe that their Long March faculty lounge choom fantasies would never be revealed?
Good, good, let the clueless fecklessness flow through the enlightened beings as they attempt to lord over a fading banana republic.
Chiquitastan, yes we can!