Fani Willis Lost Her Bid to Jail RICO Defendant Harrison Floyd


Harrison Floyd is one of the 19 defendants charged in the Trump RICO case in Georgia. He is the only black defendant and the only one Fani Willis wants to imprison over social media posts and a vague bond order Willis says Floyd violated.

Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee refused to revoke the bond for Harrison Floyd during today’s hearing.

Harrison Floyd, formerly of Black Voices for Trump, was the only defendant in the RICO case in Georgia who did not receive a consent bond order, which would have allowed him to make a plea and subsequently leave. He was imprisoned for five days.

He didn’t negotiate a bond because he didn’t have the money.

Floyd faces charges of possibly harassing Atlanta election worker Ruby Freeman.

Willis accused him of using social media to intimidate witnesses, a move she argued was a blatant violation of his bond agreement. This agreement, set in August after Floyd spent five days in jail, restricts him from contacting co-defendants or potential witnesses in the case.

The judge found it too vague for him to imprison Harrison. Judge McAfee dismissed her request to imprison Floyd over his social media activities.

“It is unfair to those witnesses,” Willis said Tuesday in court. “And there are real consequences for allowing defendants to intimidate witnesses.”

Harrison Floyd mugshot

Prosecutors asked that Harrison be barred from tagging, direct messaging, emailing, texting, or calling his co-defendants, witnesses in the case, and two unindicted co-conspirators.

“I certainly don’t want to be back here in two weeks because it ‘was unclear,'” Willis told the judge. “Quite frankly, it really is in the defendant’s best interest to shut his mouth about this case because it can and will be used against him.”

The judge clarified that though former President Donald Trump is a co-defendant, Harrison is free to talk about him and promote him as it pertains to the 2024 Presidential Election. He is also free to make criticisms online and publicly proclaim his innocence without mentioning his co-defendants, witnesses in the case, and the two unindicted co-conspirators.

Judge Scott McAfee ruled that while Floyd technically breached his bond terms, the situation warranted a modification of the bond to address the complexities of social media interactions better.

The judge tightened the restrictions.

Floyd faces charges of violating Georgia’s RICO Act, conspiracy to commit solicitation of false statements and writings, and influencing witnesses. The indictment against him alleges that he attempted to persuade election worker Ruby Freeman to declare misconduct in the election.

In a separate incident, he is accused of assaulting an agent serving him with a subpoena. The agent accused him of body slamming him, which Floyd denies. Floyd claims the agent tripped him.

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3 months ago

You would think that black bastard would understand the plight of poor blacks who are jailed before trial because they can’t afford bail, but no, her hatred of Trump tops everything.