Lights are on in Bagram! Locals say the Chinese have landed! Update


Update at the end.

Chinese Communists might have turned the lights on at Bagram. Someone did.

On Sunday, the Taliban denied there was any Chinese military presence at Bagram. Some reports speculated that the base might have been lit overnight as a security precaution due to some fighting that was going on in the area.

However, some locals say they’ve seen Chinese jets taking off and coming in.

There is intense fighting in Kabul:

The abandoned people:


Euro Weekly reported:

It was revealed recently that a Chinese delegation had visited the Bagram airbase, formerly the largest US military base of Afghanistan, last week and conducted reconnaissance. Sources told CNN-News18 that it was not clear why the top Chinese intelligence and military delegation visited the airfield in north Kabul, but they were reportedly collecting “evidence and data against Americans”.

It seems that the Chinese want to set up an intelligence “facility” in collaboration with the Taliban and Pakistan keeping an eye out for any support to Uyghur Muslims of Xinjian province in China, the sources added.

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