Lin Wood on Kyle Rittenhouse, “the line in the sand has been drawn”


Kyle Rittenhouse cleaning graffiti off buildings.

Kyle Rittenhouse is the 17-year-old boy now charged with 1st-degree murder in Kenosha.

The three so-called victims in Kenosha are criminals: a sex offender, a domestic abuser, and an armed, criminal communist who was drunk.

The three victims of Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t deserve to die because of who they were/are, but they appeared to be chasing and attacking Rittenhouse shortly before the shooting.


In a series of tweets, Lin Wood said he would help Kyle Rittenhouse if he can and he has been in touch with an attorney competent to handle his case.

Famed attorney Lin Wood, who is currently representing Nicholas Sandmann, said if Kyle can’t defend himself under the circumstances he was acting under, “we are all at risk.”

“The line in the sand has been crossed,” he added.

He is going to war for the right to self-defense:

“In touch with some great people in effort to get Kyle Rittenhouse competent defense counsel,” Wood tweeted. “@michellemalkin is an American hero. The line in the sand has been crossed. If Kyle cannot defend himself under the circumstances shown in videos, we are all at risk. Think about it.”

“If there is something I can do, Kyle will not need to pay me. God has blessed me with enough & enough is always enough. These charges must be dismissed as video clearly shows justified acts of self-defense. When dismissed, accusers should be held accountable & they should pay,” he tweeted. The tweet linked to a tweet about an American Wolf fund that has reached $50,0000 so far.

Wood continued, “I will be speaking with Attorney John Pierce later today about Kyle Rittenhouse. John has taken lead in helping form #FightBack Foundation. To help or provide information about Kyle, please contact John Pierce at or @CaliKidJMP.”

“Enough is enough,” he added.

“I hear you. I am ready. ALL need to be on the ready. I will do what I can but we must ALL do whatever we can to #FightBack. This is going to get worse before it gets better. We are ALL in this together. Pray for Kyle Rittenhouse. Pray for our country.,” Wood wrote.


The victims were not stellar members of society. Joseph Rosenbaum committed a sex offense with a minor. Anthony Huber has a criminal history of battery and domestic abuse. The third man Gaige Grosskreutz, 26, was armed, has a criminal record, and is not allowed to have a gun. He was not arrested.

Rosenbaum was chasing Rittenhouse and throwing something at him. Huber chased him and hit him with a skateboard while he was on the ground. The third man was chasing Rittenhouse with a gun.


Definitely watch the first one.

It’s hard to see at this time how it is 1st-degree murder but we don’t have enough information:

As President Trump sends forces to Kenosha, so is Portland antifa:

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