Lin Wood says he’s absolutely certain Powell has the Kraken of voter fraud


The interview of Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani is on this link.

Attorney L. Lin Wood is working pro bono in Georgia to help Sidney Powell as she gathers information about what she claims is massive voter fraud. Wood’s case filed in Georgia, which is separate from the Trump campaign lawsuits, claims the Georgia secretary of state signed on to an unconstitutional agreement with Democrats. He says in his lawsuit that the defendants unilaterally changed the process for handling absentee ballots and general election ballots.

Lin Wood shared a video on this link released at about 3:30 pm EST. Some of the information in the clip is disputed.

For instance, one ‘glitch’ referenced in the clip concerns the Hammer and Scorecard program. Snopes claims this is absurd, basing their judgment on statements by the DHS cybersecurity chief Chris Krebs. Krebs is at the forefront of a battle between President Trump and the DHS Secretary. Trump wants Krebs fired for saying the President is making false claims about voter fraud and the DHS Secretary refused to fire him. Krebs regularly tweets in response to President Trump’s claims of voter machine manipulation.

If Krebs is right, we will find out soon.

The Raid

First, we would like to dispel the story about a raid of a SCYTL facility. At least for now, we can’t find any evidence it took place.

If you heard about a mysterious raid of SCYTL in relation to the Dominion voting machines, it appears to be a myth. The claim is that our votes were sent to SCYTL in Germany and counted there. The story further states that the facility was raided by U.S. Army intelligence.

Mr. Wood believes that Dominion does have ties to SCYTL, a Venezuelan machine, and software. Dominion denies that claim and says they have no ties to SCYTL.

Wood said that the raid Rep. Gohmert and others have referred to might have been of the SCYTL facility and he is not sure if the good guys or the bad guys raided the facility. Howie Carr, the interviewer, heard it was a CIA facility.

DHS cyber chief Chris Krebs stated that no election-related servers were seized.

A former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova told Howie Carr on Newsmax today the Trump team knows nothing about any raid. That is what most reliable sources are saying.

DiGenova also said that one of the swing state machines is being analyzed.

The Fraud

Lin Wood agrees with Sidney Powell that the software for Dominion and perhaps other voting machines currently used was installed for the express purpose of corrupting the election. Powell is not one to run around making wild accusations.

We cannot confirm any of this and are researching. We might just have to wait for the filings.


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