Lincoln Project: “We Want to Burn the Republican Party to the Ground”


The Lincoln Project was founded by a pedophile and is allegedly comprised of conservative Republicans. The latter was always a lie. The members are political opportunists. As they still continue to pretend their conservatives, taking millions from far-left groups, they now admit they don’t want to “save the Republican Party. They want to “burn the Republican Party to the ground.”

At least that is what Stuart Stevens told MSNBC host Ali Veshi.

As we all know, it is also the goal of the far-left Democrats. Democrats and this Lincoln Project scoundrel said they want to save democracy.

The Lincoln Project spokesperson says he wants a “center-right” party.

This clown still claims Donald Trump tried to “overthrow the government of the United States.”

In the clip below, Veshi pretends Democrats want to save democracy while they tear down our Republic.


Victor Davis Hansen explained how Democrats are destroying democracy while purporting to save it. One party is saying we haven’t gotten our agenda through with $8 gas, and it’s not green enough. We haven’t destroyed the border and haven’t decriminalized enough.

“We don’t like the rules we play by, so we want to do the following. We want to get rid of the Electoral College that’s in the Constitution. We want to get rid of the Second Amendment that’s in the Constitution. We want to restrict the First Amendment with something we call hate speech and suppress free expression. We want to get rid of the nine-person Supreme Court that’s been here for 160 years. We want to get rid of the idea of 50 states that’s been here for 60 years. We want to get rid of the Constitutional idea that the state sets balloting laws and has a national voting law that says you have to…you cannot ask a person to have an ID. And so we want to get rid of the 180-year filibuster. So this party has attacked every element of the democratic experience. They felt that it wasn’t viable or useful for their own agenda, so this is a kind of projection they’re in.”

Someone needs to burn the extremely radical Democrat Party to the ground. The only reason to “burn the Republican Party to the ground” is so Democrats can have one-party rule. We then become slaves to the lords of the party overnight.

By the way, as reporter Miranda Devine said, “The Lincoln Project is funded by the same Sequoia Capital boss who funded FTX, [he] is a big Dem donor and lives next door to Nancy Pelosi.”


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