Lindsey Graham Calls for Joe Biden’s Impeachment Over the Border Crisis


Joe Biden’s longtime friend Lindsey Graham is calling for Biden’s impeachment over the border crisis.

“There’s been 100% increase in fentanyl seizures at the Yuma sector alone. Our borders are completely open, they’re porous, people are pouring in, drugs are pouring in,” Graham said.

“Here’s what I worry about: Terrorists getting in the middle of this group and killing a bunch of us. The incompetence in Afghanistan of turning Afghanistan over to the terrorists, the Taliban, will allow Al Qaeda and ISIS to roam freely and an open border is going to meet one day and some terrorist is going to take advantage of this system, come here and kill a bunch of us if we don’t change.”

“Joe Biden is criminally negligent. His administration, I think, is criminally negligent when it comes to controlling our border,” he added.

“Our men and women of the Border Patrol and ICE are under siege. They’re American heroes. You just would not believe what it’s like to work along the border. I don’t know how they do it and they’ve been completely abandoned by President Biden. He should be impeached over this. This is dereliction of duty and a bunch of Americans are going to get killed if we don’t change our policies quickly.”

Donald Trump discussed it briefly today with Bill O’Reilly:
The world is coming and we don’t know who they are:



  1. Ho hum, Lindsey. You’re a little late to the party of destruction. It’s in full swing. Thanks for nothing, you traitor!

    • Graham is a complete phony and liar, though the gullible people in SC cannot figure it out.

      He is a longtime supporter of illegal immigration, via his 2 massive amnesty bills.

      All he is doing here is fooling his stupid voters again, reacting to public opinion.

  2. Occasionally, when there’s something big in it for him, Lindsay Grahamnesty acts like he’s an actual Conservative Republican. Enjoy it while you can…it’s always fleeting. And if he finds a way to surrender to Democrats and still get what he’s after…he’ll fold. He’s got something to gain, personally, by calling for impeachment–and it’s the right thing to do–but don’t count on him seeing it through. And why has it taken this long for ANYONE in the GOP to push for this? Why wont Republicans fight for the country and actually REPRESENT the voters who elected them?

  3. Lindsey Graham goes the way the wind blows. It’s easy to call for Biden’s impeachment as a Senator who has no authority in the matter. Only the House files impeachment charges. The Senate holds the trial. There’s a lot of red tape between Lindsey’s comments and action. He knows that and that’s why he is spouting popular sentiments for his own benefit.

  4. How long do we have to endure this snake? Impeachment would legitimize Biden. Anyone that wants to move on and forget the fraud is an enemy to the United States.

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