Sean Penn Makes a Fawning, ‘Unapologetically Biased’ Zelensky Movie


Sean Penn premiered “Superpower,” his biased, fawning portrait of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at war, telling the Berlin film festival Saturday the movie was also a wake-up call about Americans’ own fragile democracy.

“In interviews on that first terrifying night and during the initial months of the onslaught, Penn and Zelensky built up what they both call a close friendship,” Entertainment News reports.

“Cinema cannot change the world,” said Zelensky. “But it can influence and inspire people who can change the world.”

“We made a very unapologetically biased film because that was the true story we found,” he said.

He wants long-range missiles sent to Ukraine and is critical of the allegedly slow pace at which we send them.

Always wrong Penn didn’t stop there.

“Growing up in the United States — this won’t be news to you — we are born with a misguided sense of exceptionalism,” Penn told reporters.

While America is now riven with political and cultural strife, he found in Ukraine “absolute unity.”

“These people are doing what they have to do simply because they love their country and they love each other,” he said.

Penn should be careful not to ask him to play the piano.

Penn never met a dictator he didn’t like.

He thought Libya was a great idea.

He supported Hugo as the perfect Democrat and said anyone who said otherwise should be jailed.


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