Warning! Lindsey Graham chooses the witnesses he wants called


During a presser today, Senator Lindsey Graham made it clear he isn’t supportive of Senator Toomey’s idea of two witnesses. He said if there are going to be witnesses, there will be a lot of witnesses. At a minimum, he wants to call Alexandra Chalupa, Hunter, and Joe Biden, and the whistleblower, and he says 51 senators will vote for it.

He thinks he has enough information from what he has heard and this case can’t be surgically dealt with. Graham also believes the Senate shouldn’t do the House’s work.

About the Bolton claims, Graham said he would suggest reading it in the classified setting with other senators and then discussing it.

When it comes to the Bidens, he said there is a “tsunami” of evidence that Hunter’s dealings were inappropriate. The House managers said the complaints about Hunter were “baseless and it’s been debunked.” That’s not true, Graham says, Hunter “basically turned it into an ATM machine.”

From what he has seen and heard, it would have been wrong if the President didn’t ask for an investigation. You’d have to be “willfully blind” to think the President didn’t have reason to ask Ukraine to investigate.

He brought up the DNC official, Alexandra Chalupa, who appears to have met with Ukraine officials to attempt to interfere in the 2016 election. That would have to be examined if it’s opened up, he said.


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