Col. MacGregor Says the Ukraine War Is Essentially Over


Colonel MacGregor, a former top Pentagon advisor, said that the entire purpose of this Ukraine war is to depose Russian President Putin. MacGregor doesn’t see that ever happening.

He said the media is misreporting the Ukraine war, describing Ukrainian forces as winning when the opposite is true. The war is actually over, and Russia won.

Russians aren’t interested in territorial control, he said, just in defeating the forces. The only forces left are the Azov radicals who fight fanatically, according to the Colonel.

Ukrainian forces are completely surrounded and are incapable of anything more than pinprick attacks. Putin gave orders to the military to preserve civilians and infrastructure to the greatest degree possible.

According to a poll in Poland, 70% of Russians are behind Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

He said that Russians have lost 14,000 to Ukrainian fighters who have relentlessly attacked them since 2014. MacGregor said the biggest lie is Russia is trying to murder innocent civilians. They are not. Russians believe they are protecting themselves.

Fox War correspondent Steve Harrigan also said the war is over, although he says people are being slaughtered.

MacGregor talked about the issues that led to Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, one of which is the cancelation of the INF Treaty. It made Russians think they had to defend themselves.

We don’t know if Col. MacGregor is correct but he is a very common-sense-oriented individual who is well-informed on what is happening on the ground.


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1 year ago

Great interview

1 year ago

This analysis ignores the basic fact that 30 plus million people will be added to Russia’s Empire along with immense agricultural resources. Putin will be hailed as the one who reunited the Russias and made it into the predominant power in Europe. Like it or not Putin has won and he will continue adding to the Empire. Moldova will be next and then the Baltics. Eventually, Russia will form a partnership with Europe and be the managing partner. It was the Obiden Junta who opened the door and Putin walked right in and took over not just Ukraine, but Europe as well. Elections have consequences and stolen elections have devastating consequences.

1 year ago

The Colonel is an excellent analyst and a refreshing commentator on the real situation in Ukraine as well as Russia. My own opinion is Russia will form a new government led by ethnic Russians within Ukraine and will insolate the pro-Russia Ukraine against any guerilla actions by making deals with Hungary to return Transcarpathia and Poland to return Lviv. The deal will be the demilitarization of the returned territories and no sanctuary for any forces who may wish to wage a guerilla war against the new Ukrainian government. It.s a deal the Poles and Hungarians cannot refuse. Moldava may continue as independent but must demilitarize. If not, it will be annexed.

1 year ago

Now that Putin has out maneuvered the West in Ukraine, the rewriting of history will start. The INF Treaty had nothing to do with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The Ukraine Government was turning hostile to Russians within it’s borders and was becoming a Corrupt Puppet Government of the West. After the Wuhan incident, Putin couldn’t risk another America funded lab incident on his border.

Once the dust clears we will get some realistic body counts. I doubt that Russia is just going to walk away. More likely there will an occupation like the US had in Germany after WWII; unless Europe has gone insane and want’s to fight WWIII. The problem for the West with Ukraine is half the Country is Pro-Russian and that half probably feels comfortable that a Russia occupation is in their best interest.