Dems/Bernie will go it alone on socialist infrastructure, trash the filibuster


Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernard Sanders said Sunday that Democrats will probably end up ditching bipartisan talks on infrastructure. They plan to muscle a package through and they don’t care if they get a single GOP vote.

When asked if they will go it alone, Sanders said “probably.”

“That’s probably right, and I think that’s what the American people want,” Mr. Sanders, Vermont Independent [communist], said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“We would like bipartisanship, but I don’t think we have a seriousness on the part of the Republican leadership to address the major crises facing this country,” said Mr. Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist.” “And if they’re not coming forward, we’ve got to go forward alone.”

The Democrat socialist agenda is to the left of the Communist Party USA.

President Biden claims he’s hoping for a bipartisan deal [one that gives him almost everything in the socialist infrastructure budget], but White House adviser Cedric Richmond said on CNN Sunday Mr. Biden is prepared to change tactics if he needs to in order to force action.

White House negotiators presented a $1.7 trillion counter-offer on an infrastructure package to Senate Republicans on Friday after the Senate GOP had offered a $568 billion ante last month.

The price tag is down from Mr. Biden’s original $2.3 trillion infrastructure package, which he wants to fund by approving corporate tax hikes that the GOP says should be off-limits.

If Democrats go it alone, Mr. Sanders will play a central role as budget committee chairman in helping unlock a fast-track tool that allows lawmakers to sidestep the 60-vote filibuster threshold in the 50-50 Senate. It’s not a tool, it’s a gimmick.

Our deficit is out of control and if it isn’t already too late, it soon will be.

Crazy old Bernie is a communist, worse than a communist. He is a financial illiterate who will spend recklessly on communistic programs.

America is changing and it will be a dark and dangerous place.

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