Little Marco tries to blame the far-right for the Democrat riots


Weak sister, Senator Marco Rubio is trying to spread the blame for the Democrat riots by falsely claiming it’s the right and left behind it. That’s easily proven false. Lisa Boothe is still waiting for an answer to her question as to which far-right groups, and Rubio’s probably searching the Internet hoping to find one example. I can’t find one.

This is a Democrat riot/protest. There are undoubtedly legitimate protesters who have a message they want us to hear, but it’s drowned out by violent Democrats who want the agenda promised by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. The plan is to flood the country with foreigners, entice them to come illegally with great benefits, and then put their fascist rules in place under a one-party system. That’s the plan.

Rubio is playing into this and Lisa Boothe called him out for it.

We’re not sticking up for the loons on the far-right. We hate them too, but it’s not accurate. Last June, The Guardian reported that neo-Nazis and KKK, which I believe are left-wing, were trying to use Facebook and Telegram but got shot down. Their numbers are relatively small and they certainly wouldn’t riot on behalf of an abused black man.


Little Marco has yet to come up with one example. He did give a cowardly response and it is disinformation.

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