Liz Cheney Desperately Wants Tucker’s J6 Documentary stopped


The Left is going bonkers over the Tucker J6 documentary coming out. It will compete with their dishonest opposing ‘documentary’ on the same topic. The Left’s ‘war’ film is a complete lie.

Tucker will present a totally different version, without the lying Biden-voting cops.

Tucker isn’t excusing anyone who rioted, but most of the people who entered the Capitol paraded around and posted tweets the government didn’t like.

There was no seditious plot and no one has been charged with insurrection or sedition.

In the clip below, Tucker mentions crazy Liz Cheney’s hyperbolic tweet.

Does she think DJT’s words caused the riot? What about ‘march peacefully’ does she not understand? Trump’s speech that day was a typical rah-rah political speech.

As any tyrant, she wants Tucker off the air because his opinion differs from hers. She should never be in political office again. Cheney is guided by feelings, in this case, hate, not facts.

What is she afraid of? Why does she want to silence him? The only logical reason is she is afraid of the truth. She’s overwhelmed with hate.


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