Liz Cheney doesn’t think Trump should have any role in the party


Rep. Liz Cheney, third in line for the GOP House throne, doesn’t think former President Trump should be involved in the Republican Party. Cheney and about five others agree. She’s very unpopular in Wyoming right now for her stance on DJT’s agenda and her vote to impeach him.

If the election were held today, she would not be re-elected. The Wyoming Republican Party does not support her at this time and there was a censure against her for her vote. DJT plans to find a candidate to run against her.

Cheney has been trashing Donald Trump for four years. She never gets tired of it.

What Cheney doesn’t realize is the old Republican party is dead and has no chance right now. They are too weak to fight the statists now in control of the Democrat party. Trump’s party has a chance. McConnell’s party has no chance of fighting the Democrats. It might be too late now.


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