Liz Cheney Positions Herself to Sabotage Republicans


“Republican” Rep. Liz Cheney has amassed a group of political consultants with ties to former President Donald Trump and the expansive Koch network as she mulls a run for the White House to sabotage her own party. She couldn’t even win her state but she’s really only serving as a spoiler if Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis run. She is the new Lincoln Project, there to sabotage and win over a base. She doesn’t have a base right now.

Cheney’s role as vice chair of the Beria-style committee investigating Trump’s actions in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol has cost the third-highest ranking Republican in the U.S. House her standing in the GOP and her seat in Congress.

She lost the Republican nomination by a whopping nearly 40% to one of Trump’s picks, Wyoming lawyer Harriet Hageman (CNBC). So now, she will sabotage them. Cheney is a Democrat’s dream.

Cheney lost with thousands of Democrats voting for her. But people in Wyoming are largely conservative and she wants to be a RINO conservative like you see in other states.


Two PACs backing Liz Cheney hired i360, a data and technology company financed by billionaire Charles Koch, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Immediately after her loss, she launched a leadership political action committee titled The Great Task which will allow her to keep her political aspirations alive while taking on the former president.

Smug Liz Cheney

Cheney is using some of Trump’s own consultants and allies, including those from the powerful Koch network, to try to keep the former president from winning a second term in the White House. Some of them appear to have used limited liability companies that shroud their identity from the public, CNBC reports.

“These people are going to be persona non grata after the Cheney loss,” a senior GOP strategist close to Trump said when asked if the president and his associates will work with the former Cheney advisors again.

Cheney plans to sabotage the Republican Party just as the party is under maximum assault from radical partisans in the Democratic Party.

The rejected Republican thinks she can become the leader of the centrists, even though she’s not a centrist. Cheney plans to drag in RINOs and Dems who like her (can’t be many).

She’s watching out for her career as a liberal anti-Trump conservative globalist warmonger.

Interactive Polls indicate in a 2024 Presidential General Election: (R) Donald Trump 40% (+8). (D) Joe Biden 32%. (I) Liz Cheney 11%.

Who are these 11%?

Biden’s approval is still way too high given his track record and obvious mental failings.

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