Immigrant Raped Women for Years & Gets to Stay in the USA?


Dr. Fernando Cordero, 65, of Orcutt was charged with seven felony counts against one victim and one misdemeanor count against another victim, said Gene Martinez, chief assistant district attorney for the North County.

Fernando Cordero is a Mexican immigrant who allegedly spent years using his position as a psychologist for Santa Barbara County, California, raping and sodomizing female patients, and, he filmed the assaults. To make certain victims’ kept quiet, he threatened to send them to jail or a mental hospital, The Washington Times reports.

Cordero admits to having sex with his patients and was convicted of trying to silence them.

Fernando Cordero

Counts one through seven against Cordero, all felony counts, are all alleged to have taken place against the 44-year-old woman by duress or under color of authority.

They include rape, sodomy, attempted sodomy, penetration by a foreign object and oral copulation.

Rape, sodomy and attempted sodomy against the victim were alleged to have taken place between Jan. 1, 2004 and Jan. 1, 2007.

Rape, oral copulation and penetration by a foreign object were alleged to have happened between Jan. 1, 2007, and Sept. 20, 2007.


The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruled this week that Cordero doesn’t have to face deportation at this time.

The three-judge panel of two loons and one normal judge ruled 2-1 that California’s law on obstruction of justice doesn’t match federal law. Therefore, Congress didn’t necessarily have Cordero’s case in mind when it wrote its deportation statutes.

In other words, the court ruled, that the immigration courts need to go back and redo Cordero’s deportation case without penalizing him for obstruction of justice.

The normal judge, Judge Lawrence VanDyke, called it a “jurisprudential trainwreck.” He said they are playing “dirty” with the law. He added that it is the latest in a series of “jaw-dropping, always increasing, epic collection of immigration gaffes” from the famously liberal 9th Circuit.

“My colleagues in the majority should be embarrassed,” Judge VanDyke concluded.

He said the facts of Cordero’s case were so egregious that the two Democratic-appointed judges in the majority were reluctant to even recount them. The judges are Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz, named by President Clinton, and Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz, tapped by President Obama. They are loons.

Ideologue leftists want all criminal foreigners to stay. They believe that once they are here, they have a right to stay. Thus, we have sanctuary cities housing these people. There are a lot of Fernando’s in sanctuaries. Mayorkas just made the entire country a sanctuary for foreign criminals.

You can read the immigration case here.

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Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
1 year ago

Another future democrat candidate.