Liz Cheney says her dad’s “deeply troubled” about the direction of the GOP


Rep. Liz Cheney, who supports the socialist/communist Democrats, said her Dad is “deeply troubled” about the direction of the Republican Party. That’s good news for us.

Who cares what they think?

Liz said her Dad is “just a tremendous source of advice and guidance and wisdom for me.” A lot of people are not impressed.

I don’t even believe her.  Dick Cheney was positive or noncommital about Donald Trump whenever anyone brought him up publicly.

Liz Cheney lost her post as House Republican conference chairwoman in May. She voted to impeach Trump and she won’t stop attacking her own party.

Liz is currently one of two Republicans on the House special committee investigating the events at the Capitol. She was appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her panel of partisans.


The Uniparty

The establishment warmongers represent the swamp. They back a DC that cares only about itself. Establishment politicians can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump got into office and wasn’t owned by anyone.

Swampsters and their swampy lobbyists panicked over the possible loss of their money-making war machine.

They are the wealthy uniparty, making money off their part-time jobs.

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