Liz Cheney & the Left pin Biden’s latest disaster on Trump


The Left is trying to put another Biden disaster, the flight from Kabul, on the former president. Donald Trump didn’t leave the country disastrously, Biden did. He didn’t beg the Afghan army not to hurt us and let us cut and run safely. Joe did. Trump had a backup plan, Joe Biden did not. As a result, he humiliated our army.

Liz Cheney, whose father was a driving force in the war in Afghanistan, had the unmitigated gall to blame Donald Trump, along with Joe Biden for Afghanistan. She would have us there another 20 years.

“The Trump/Biden calamity unfolding in Afghanistan began with the Trump administration negotiating with terrorists and pretending they were partners for peace, and is ending with American surrender as Biden abandons the country to our terrorist enemies,” the Republican lawmaker wrote in a tweet on Saturday.

Twitter users went after her immediately for obvious reasons.

The leftist Democrats are rampaging through Twitter blaming Donald Trump despite the months of Joe Biden insisting the 300,000-man army of Afghans would fight for a country that only exists as tribal fiefdoms, not as a nation with a national identity.

Joe Biden voted for the war in Afghanistan along with most of the Democrats. There is plenty of blame to go around.

As Charles Cooke says, Joe said these things out loud since July 8:

And 38 days ago:

An embarrassingly incompetent or dishonest Secretary of State:

We don’t criticize Biden for wanting out, just the way he left. And why didn’t he leave in 2014? Instead, the Obama-Biden-Clinton administration started an unnecessary war in Libya, destroying the country when they weren’t a threat.

China’s happy. The CCP always embraces Islamofascists. They plan to recognize the Taliban immediately. Maybe it’s time for us to recognize Taiwan. The next Biden disaster overseas will be making us fully dependent on the Middle East for our energy as he destroys the energy sector back here at home.



  1. It wasn’t the Taliban that attacked us, it was Saudi nationals, including Bin Laden. Wasn’t it Bush / Cheney who allowed Saudis to leave on private planes. We have yet to learn all the details of 9-11.

    I believe Biden also said the “Intelligence Community” concluded there wouldn’t be a problem. So, when will Those people pay the price.

    Biden is right about sending forces all over for rights of women. We certainly Can’t save the world. But, “shaming”, is a stupid remark of epic proportions. I guess he just doesn’t understand religion, especially Islam. Those people are as dedicated as the Amish. Will you shame an Amish for not driving a car.

    In the debate video, what did little Eddie Munster say in response.

    Don’t tell me they actually put that flag up in Kabul. No wonder Biden begged them about the embassy.

  2. This just in from Wyoming-You’re Fired.
    Trump was a private citizen when the Afghan tour was started so blame Shruby Bush and the taco bowls of love clan.
    Trump told all tribal leaders behave or the USAF will pay a visit and it worked.
    BTW-Would they even care about Taiwan were it not for semiconductors?

    Infiltrating government positions, your agents have deliberately announced stupid policies, undermining public trust.

  3. It was said there were preparations yet we leave all this behind. Where are the US pilots. What an unmitigated disaster. But they can go back to Congress for new money to purchase more equipment.

    I saw a program on OAN about an Explosive team. There is a huge desert area filled with equipment no longer used, but working evidently, for the purpose of Blowing Things Up.

  4. When it was said Biden was sending 5000 troops, how many know and understand the logistics in sending that many troops. You need all types of support to accommodate those troops. You can’t do this quickly.

  5. Big Government Communist Democrats and RINOs keep proving to us that Big Government and Globalism doesn’t work. Big Government and Globalism is everything Freedom and Liberty isn’t. When Patriots take back the Government, we must hang the Traitors. Everyone of them!

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