Liz Cheney Wins Clown of the Week Amid Stiff Competition


Liz Cheney was the leader of the undemocratic J6 panel aimed at persecuting Donald Trump without due process and no ability to question ‘witnesses’ like the liar Cassidy Hutchinson.

Cheney is now going around the media outlets hawking her book, Oath and Honor, and that title is not satirical.

Cheney led the panel that destroyed the evidence. Some had to be exculpatory or they would have plastered it on the front page of the NY Times.

All the videotapes of Cassidy Hutchinson changing her testimony and all videotapes of all depositions the January 6 panel took were destroyed. Bennie Thompson said he didn’t think he had to keep them, but House rules demand they keep them. You have to preserve any documents, tapes, data, or information used in an official proceeding. They did use them in an official proceeding. They aired portions of the tapes in their televised hearings.

Mike Lee is going to investigate the J6 clown panel.

Reportedly, Jack Smith has all of the tapes and depositions. So, were they in cahoots?

Cheney trying to sell a book after losing her race by 36 points.

Liz Cheney is calling half the nation pro-Putin when she’s not calling Donald Trump a dictator. Meanwhile, Joe Biden and his cartel behind the curtain are taking away free speech, illegally censoring Americans, taxing us through inflation, opening the borders to new Democrats who are coming for the Democrat welfare system or to commit crimes.

For this and so many other reasons, we are naming her Clown of the Week.

Rep. Dan Goldman, the Levi heir who bought his seat, came in at second place.

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2 months ago

That is one odious momasita, her and hilary, everyday is just another bad hair day.

Frank S.
Frank S.
2 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

And a worse for the nation day.