Two Weeks Later, Sarandon Deeply Regrets Diminishing Reality


Last month, Susan appeared at a pro-Palestinian rally in New York City, where she gave a speech to protesters. “There are a lot of people afraid of being Jewish at this time and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country,” she said during her remarks.

It took her two weeks to come out with her carefully worded apology. She was hoisted on her own petard.

In her apology, Sarandon didn’t come down on Israel’s side in this war and didn’t refer to October 7.

“As we all know, from centuries of oppression and genocide in Europe to the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh, PA, Jews have long been familiar with discrimination and religious violence which continues to this day.”

People refer to her as liberal, but she’s a hardcore leftist, as was one of her husbands and the father of her two boys, Tim Robbins. Sarandon shows up at most of the radical protests and praises the leftist ideology they espouse. I followed her around at Occupy Wall Street, and that is what she was doing. She’s “proud” of the furthest Left viewpoints and radical everything. We need to stop calling radicals “liberals.”

Sarandon also doesn’t know anything. Muslims do not suffer anywhere near the abuse Jews suffer.

The film star, often half-naked in scenes, lost her talent agency and even got panned in the media over the past two weeks. Social media was not kind. So, two weeks later, she realized that she was “deeply” regretful and made a “terrible mistake.”

One of her sons asked the media to stop showing his mother’s naked breasts, but so far, no one’s listening.

Most of the people marching for Palestine/Hamas are the communist college youth. They will take any anti-American view they can, and currently, most Americans support Israel.

Allegedly, thousands of Palestinian children have died. If true, that is tragic. However, Hamas lies about everything, and they are the ones who report casualties. Hopefully, it is not true.

War is terrible, and hopefully, America will not become involved in this. Israel can handle it.

Israel has resumed bombing after Hamas broke the truce.

“War resumes in Gaza after truce collapses,” by Reuters’ Nidal Al-Mughrabi and Suhaib Salem: “Israeli warplanes resumed pounding Gaza, Palestinian civilians fled for shelter and rocket sirens blared in southern Israel on Friday. … Barely two hours after the truce expired, Gaza health officials reported that 35 people had already been killed and dozens wounded. … The Israeli military [accused] Hamas of violating the truce first by firing rockets and failing to free all the women it was holding hostage,” Reuters reported.

Blinken warned Israel to protect civilians in Gaza, and Biden said he’d better not see the same bombing in southern Gaza. Meanwhile, the US is sending millions to Gaza, which Hamas controls, and allowing the Hamas funders – Iran – to make billions off oil sales.

Hamas does not protect its civilians.

Blinken blames Hamas for breaking the truce, but he also says Israel might not have months to finish the mission – the destruction of Hamas.

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