“BS” Meter Goes Off on J6 Panel’s “Surprise” Witness Cassidy Hutchinson


The J6 panel and the Democrat media claim that Cassidy Hutchinson did such a stunning, credible job of testifying that the panel is going to expand its investigation. However, there is no sign that they are going to have the agents who want to debunk her limo story testify.

It just shows how corrupt all of these people involved are in general.

The latest on Cassidy Hutchinson, an exclusive by Daily Caller, makes them look even more ridiculous. It seems she asked for help from a conservative fund for J6 prisoners and called the J6 panel “BS”.

Hutchinson contacted Matt Schlapp of the Conservative Union:

These are the BS texts:

Hutchinson was caught in several lies during her testimony, or should I say “BS”:

  • She said Donald Trump wrestled with his agents in the Beast on J6 and he wasn’t in the Beast on J6. Also, the agents said it never happened.
  • Hutchinson said her boss Mark Meadows called Roger Stone on January 5th to find out what would play out the next day on January 6th. Stone said the only conversation he had with Meadows was in the break room in 2019.
  • Hutchinson claimed Pat Cipollone made some damning comments to her on J6 but he wasn’t in the Capitol on J6.
  • She told a story about Donald Trump throwing ketchup at a wall and flipped tablecloths with no witnesses. Trump denies it.
  • Cassidy Hutchinson said Mark Meadows spoke with General Flynn on January 5th. General Flynn has never had a phone conversation with Mark Meadows.
  • Hutchinson said General Flynn and Roger Stone participated by phone in a briefing in the war room in the Willard Hotel with Mark Meadows on January 5th. Stone and Flynn have not spoken with Meadows on the phone, ever.
  • Cassidy Hutchinson said Jeffrey Clark met with Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign at the White House. This is false. They’ve never met or communicated.
  • A White House lawyer, Eric Herschmann, said he wrote the note she claimed to have written.
  • She said Jeffrey Clark met with Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign at the White House. The only problem with that is they’ve never met or communicated.

This is pathetic. The J6 panel was very desperate when they picked her to testify.

This clip is funny and informative:

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mostly grey
mostly grey
2 months ago

The really sad part of the entire charade is that so many people are so damned stupid they continue to believe this BS. Day-um, people, my BS meter has been pegged since 1972. Catch up will ya.

Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
2 months ago

Where BS is concerned, there seems no end to it.

Let’s see that’s 9 counts of lying to congress? Why her? Their Hollywood producer looking for people who look good on camera?

The J6 committee, the stories they are weaving, almost … ALMOST as comical as the Dirty Dossier peepee story. THE DAY I first heard of that one, I remember LOL because is was RIDICULOUS. But they went on to make a 4 year, all consuming story out of it along with a huge, EXPENSIVE investigation. At the end, it was STILL RIDICULOUS.

i’m guessing Russia-gate gave Putin fits of laughter lasting HOURS. Can you just imagine, in a thick Russian accent … “Those stupid, ridiculous Americans .. they must be Bot-Sheet CRAZY!”

2 months ago

The whole J6 Panel should be brought up on charges of Treason! They are trying to find a a way to prevent a Popular President from running again after stealing the 2020 Election from him. Coups against a President are Treason and nothing less! Democrats must steal the 2022 Elections to stay out of jail; or worse!

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 months ago

What else is new? This commission is a joke and all one-sided. It’s about time that they released these peaceful protesters from the DC Gulag and start investigating the likes of Princess Pelosi and the DOJ and the infiltrators and the Capitol Police.

2 months ago

You have to wonder why these clowns continue with this s%*t show . . they must have confirmation on the next rigged elections.