Look at how Atlanta, Georgia spends pandemic relief money


Much of the funding for the initiative, about $18 million, is coming from federal coronavirus relief the city received when the pandemic hit.

Instead of giving pandemic relief funds to small businesses, the leftists are misusing the funds. They are putting the money into their leftist causes and bankrupting the federal government to do it. This is while small businesses are collapsing.

In Atlanta, the city allocates $18 million in federal relief funds toward a new program that aims to move hundreds of homeless individuals into their own apartments across the metro area, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

They even started a new welfare program led by Partners for Home, the nonprofit that heads up the city’s homelessness strategy.

Partners for Home is a leftist organization.

The homeless will be put into these apartments and have their rent paid by the federal government.

We thought they were bankrupt and needed COV relief in Georgia.

The nonprofit will arrange one-year leases for many of the individuals and pay the rent directly to landlords. Marchman said the program goal is to lease 800 apartments.

“There’s no question this is the most aggressive, the most ambitious, monumental initiative that I’ve ever seen, that we’ve ever launched,” Marchman said Wednesday. The program will target chronically homeless people, on the verge of being chronically homeless, or anyone between 18 and 24 years old and facing homelessness.

These apartments will be trashed in no time. It’s not helping them to give things away and at the federal taxpayers’ expense. These people are usually drug addicts, mentally ill, and criminals. It’s wealth redistribution to leftist causes.



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