Look at the Gotaways Cross Illegally on One Ranch in One Night


Watch a typical gotaway crossing in a single night on a single ranch in the photo below. Joe Biden is destroying the nation with illegal immigration. The administration is setting the country up as for one party rule.

Rule by Democrats will be totalitarian as you have witnessed first hand. Their views of free speech, self-defense, and our right to move from place to place are totalitarian.

They don’t care about you. Democrats are bringing in criminals, terrorists, and people who don’t share our values. The only Democrats objecting are the border Democrats who are suffering and those up for election in swing states — they didn’t care in the past.

There were over 200,000 border crossings of anonymous people in March. Those are only the ones the Border Patrol caught. That’s up 524% from 2020.

There were 389,155 known gotaways at the border in Fiscal Year 2021, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas just testified.

Known gotaways are people who cross illegally and are spotted on cameras, sensors, or other methods, but Border Patrol doesn’t have the manpower to get to them in time to apprehend. There were more than 62,000 last month alone, and that doesn’t account for unknown gotaways.

Look at fighting age men cross. Notice the huge backpacks. Those are the same type that most drug dealers use:

This is five months ago, via SecureBorderIntel:
DHS Secretary Mayorkas is a liar. He’s not stupid, and he knows the truth. He is helping the administration overturn our government without firing a shot.

Biden is to some degree responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans from fentanyl overdoses. Make no mistake, Biden is a monster and these far left administration are monsters.


Fox News reported in 2013 that Mexican drug cartels are deep within our borders, establishing themselves as our new Mafiosa. The cartels are sending their most respected agents to set up shop. The cartels are showing up in our major cities like Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Ky., and rural North Carolina. Suspects have also surfaced in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

Then-Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane warned in January that drug cartels “are taking over our neighborhoods.”

This is what we are inviting in now.

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