Mayorkas Lies on Air- Says Jankowicz Is “Absolutely Politically Neutral”


The government’s new Disinformation Governance Bureau is full Soviet. Biden’s new disinformation csar who will run the agency is Nina Jankowicz who is as hard left as they come.

She said in 2020 that American democracy needs a “single, unifying candidate” rather than alternatives on the left or on the right. Jankowicz is a communist – progressive – globalist – whichever term you prefer. They are basically all the same thing.

She is a self-professed Russian disinformation expert who called the authentic Hunter Biden laptop “Russian disinformation”.

She once claimed militarized Trump supporters would show up to the polls with weapons to intimidate voters. Jankowicz is going to be very fair judging disinformation, right?

Watch Liar DHS Secretary Mayorkas say Jankowicz is “absolutely politically neutral”. He continued to lie with Chuck Todd. They are laughing at us. How stupid does he think we are?

In the 2020 clip below, she was giving testimony sarcastically and condescendingly. She said she also believes the government shouldn’t be in the disinformation business, but nothing could have been further from the truth. If you want to know what this leftist believes, read her statement at the leftist Wilson Center in October 2020.

Watch the self-described disinformation expert in 2018 on this link at 1:58. She’s merely an arrogant far left operative who has no regard for our rights.

2020 clip:

“Thank you very much, Congressman. I totally understand your aversion to the idea that government would fight back against disinformation. In fact, you know, the use of that term has been basically the foundation to some very draconian fake news laws in places like Russia, or even Singapore. I do not believe that government should be in that business either.” That alone was disinformation.

Nina’s a liar and anything but politically neutral.

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1 year ago

Really one of these Biden thugs lied. Come on man.

Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

Mayorkas needs to be impeached ASAP. In another, more sensible time he’d be tried for treason.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

She agrees with every LIE of the democrats, but she is politically neutral???

she admired Steele, the guy who made a fake dossier on Trump

she assured us the Hunter laptop did not exist

she always agrees with the left but she is neutral???

Mayorkas is pure evil.