Look at the Groups Pfizer Funded and Who Lobbied for Vax Mandates


Pfizer funded doctors and community groups to lobby for vaccine mandates despite little scientific evidence supporting it.

The Chicago Urban League went on TV claiming that forcing people to be vaccinated wouldn’t harm the black community.

The group received a $100,000 grant from Pfizer earlier that year.

Pfizer bought off a lot of people and groups.

Look at the exhaustive list here or here. Pfizer has too much money. People lost their jobs over the mandates, and some suffered or died from the vaccines and lockdowns.

Read more at Lee Fang’s substack or watch the clip.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
7 months ago

Before globalism it was hard to sell your product to far away nations, and the earth’s population was much less than today…one could become rich but only to a point because the customer base was much more limited.

But now with globalism, with modern transport ( ships, airplanes etc ) and with earth’s population being 8 Billion, you can sell anything from shoes to bubble gum to billions of people, and you thus become far more rich and powerful.

And becoming so insanely rich and so insanely powerful that you can control the governments of certain nations, or at least control many high placed politicians can make some people drunk with power and turn them into machiavellians ( or the machiavellian that was sleeping in them gets awakened )

and then those people start behaving like psychopaths; they do not care who they harm , or how many will die, as long as it gets them more Billions of dollars and more power.

Call me a pessimist but I think most people if they were told ; “if you add this chemical to your product, it will improve it so much that you will turn your profit from $100,000 a year to $1,000,000,000 a year but a low percentage of the people who use your product will die or get very sick from that chemical ”

I think most humans would do it…for Billions of dollars most people would do almost anything is what I think.

From Pfizer to the Bidens taking tens of millions of dollars from foreign nations, or all those people participating in rigged elections, it is raining bad humans, devoid of a conscience, who for money will do anything.

People like Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos are not one in a million, there are MILLIONS of them !

People like those 51 so called experts who signed a document swearing the Hunter Laptop story was Russian disinformation are not rare, they are the majority !

The more I learn about this world, the more humans are a disappointment.

I know I sound extremely negative but it seems like most people are either very dumb or very evil…or a mix of both…