Tucker Was Told He Was Fired Ten Minutes Before It Was Made Public?


Colin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, says that Tucker was given ten minutes before his dismissal was made public. If this is true, Fox will likely lose a large number of viewers. This seems like a suicidal move.

Here’s more from the Wall Street Journal on the sudden firing:

Fox News parted ways with prime-time host Tucker Carlson, a surprising move that comes after he made disparaging remarks about colleagues at the network that were disclosed during a legal battle with a voting-machine company.

Mr. Carlson, whose contract was renewed in 2021, will be paid out for the rest of his contract, people familiar with the matter said. Mr. Carlson is paid about $20 million a year, one of the people said. Mr. Carlson found out he was being let go about 10 minutes before the network announced his departure, the people said.

Private messages sent by Mr. Carlson to colleagues were made public in the legal proceedings of the Dominion defamation suit. Fox took issue with remarks Mr. Carlson made that were derogatory toward the network, people familiar with the matter said. Much of the communications were redacted in court documents but became known internally to senior Fox management, they said.

Superior Court Judge Eric Davis had already concluded that Fox News and Fox Business did in fact broadcast false claims about Dominion, voiced by both network hosts and Trump associates. Fox, in a statement, acknowledged the judge’s findings.

Allegedly, Fox News was angry when Tucker suggested that the company fire a reporter who fact-checked Trump’s claim of dominion election fraud. The reporter claimed there was no evidence of fraud.

Vanity Fair says that Tucker believes it was because the Murdochs want to sell the network.


Podcast host Jonathan Kogan pointed out that BlackRock upped their shares of Fox News to 15.1%.  They could have influenced the decision, but we don’t know if that is true. The Gateway Pundit suspects Board member Paul Ryan, who wants to “move on from Trump,” might have influenced the Murdochs. Again, who knows?

It sounds more like the Murdochs were angry with Tucker.  One reason for them to be angry is the Dominion settlement.

Officer Tatum is pretty funny assessing The View ‘ladies’ reactions. The Left is gloating and getting all spiritual, as if they were holier-than-thou.

Megyn Kelly said Tucker leaving Fox is a “massive error.” True!

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