Look at what taxpayer-funded NPR left out of their news poll


NPR, that taxpayers help support, put out an absurdly ridiculous poll that Bill O’Reilly described this way: “In my whole career, I’ve never seen a poll as outrageous as this poll. This wins the outrageous poll contest.” They just polled adults and the substantial majority by 6% over Republicans happened to be Democrats with hardly any Independents. Shocker!

One of the questions asked was, What is your main source of news? ABC, CBS, NBC News Network News — 24% of those polled say that’s where they get their news. Online news, 14%, Social media, 10%, CNN, 8%. Public TV, public radio, that’s NPR, 6%. Local newspaper, 5%. New York Times, Washington Post, 4%, MSNBC 3%.

Look what is missing — FOX NEWS!

So, where’s Fox?

This is so intellectually dishonest.

Obviously, they left out Fox because they would have come in as number one.


Since June 1, Fox News Channel has been not just the most-watched cable news network, but the highest-rated network in all of television. With an average prime-time audience of 3.451 million viewers, FNC beat CBS VIAC +3.3% (3.430 million), NBC (3.155 million), ABC (2.690 million), and Fox Broadcasting (1.414 million).

On July 24th, ESPN’s coverage of Major League Baseball’s opening day featured a marquee prime-time matchup between the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals. The game drew an average total audience of 4.005 million viewers and finished as the fourth-highest-rated show on television that night. But Fox’s Hannity and Tucker Carlson Tonight both beat the big game, with Hannity taking first place in all of television with 4.340 million viewers, followed by CBS’ prime-time show Young Sheldon (4.111 million viewers) and Tucker Carlson Tonight (4.016 million).

Fox News has changed and leans left. It’s not as good as it was, but it is much better than whatever else is out there.

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