Look At Who’s Driving Up President Trump’s Poll Numbers


President Trump’s public approval numbers hit 50% among likely voters Thursday, according to the Rasmussen poll. At the same time in Barack Obama’s presidency, his approval numbers were at 45%. It is good news for the November elections.

The President’s approval ratings fluctuated slightly down to 48% Friday.

The people pushing those ratings up might surprise some people.

It’s Hispanic voters!

Blacks are also taking a look at the President.

The people who allegedly hate him are warming up to him as jobs and the economy improve. The media is ignoring it. They want minorities to believe that Trump’s a racist and no minority would support him.

His approval ratings among blacks has almost doubled:

The Washington Times reports on his numbers among Hispanics:

Are Hispanics shifting their allegiances to President Trump?

A recent Harvard/Harris poll recorded a 10-point spike in Hispanic support for Mr. Trump. It hasn’t received much attention from the mainstream media, which is heavily invested in its portrait of the president as an unrepentant — and unpopular — “nativist.”

Coming in the midst of the nationwide controversy over children and families at the U.S.-Mexico border, it suggests that Hispanics may not be the entrenched liberal voting constituency that Democrats so often imagine.

Blacks and Hispanics want what everyone else wants — a productive America and a good job.


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5 years ago

What do they have to lose? With friends like the Democrats, minorities don’t need any enemies. All the Democrats want is the minority vote, now move to the back of the bus.

5 years ago

Legal Americans don’t support the *illegal* invasion of our country. The majority of legal Hispanics are Christians.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Hopeful signs of an awakening to reality. Jobs are better than blabber and dependency.