Pompous MSNBC Blabbermouths Mock Anti-Socialist Americans as Dumb Hicks


MSNBC thinks half the country are dumb rednecks who can’t understand nuances in arguments. That was obvious during a recent on-air discussion, as Newsbusters pointed out.

It seems the MSNBC talking heads are worried about Democrats being outed as Socialists with all the Socialists running for office as Democrats. At the same time, they think people sounding the alarms against socialism are dopes.

Stephanie Ruhle even mimicked how hick-stupid she thinks a large number of Americans sound as she explained that much of the country can’t pick up on nuanced arguments.

“You’re getting into details. You’re talking about a nuanced powerful argument. But lots of people don’t get into the argument,” she told a fellow panelist while contorting her face into what she imagines hick faces look like.

To Ruhle and the other panelists, socialism has a great message and she thinks anti-Socialists are the fools.

These elite journalists and TV blabbermouths are pompous asses who live in bubbles. They should get out more.


BRENDAN GREELEY (FT. Alphaville U.S. editor): I also think we sit here and talk about this big concept of socialism. We debate what it actually means. All the polling I’ve seen — People go out state by state and ask what people care about. It’s about the cost of health care.


GRELEY: Right. That’s what people care about. If you can show up and say I’m going to take care of the cost of health care, that’s a really powerful argument.

RUHLE: You’re getting into details. You’re talking about a nuanced powerful argument. But lots of people don’t get into the argument. They just go, [adopts dumb person accent] “Oh, my gosh. Socialist? I can’t have that! It’s going to take all my money!”

RON INSANA: And I will tell you if the entire Democratic Party gets branded as socialists successfully going into the midterms or the 2020 presidential, they lose.

RUHLE: Even if those are winning policies? It’s such a difficult thing.

GLAUDE: This is the thing. We can reject the label and just — There’s an old philosophical concept. Let’s explicate by elimination. Let’s get rid of term and see what it stands for.


GLAUDE: Decent wages. When we talk about being able to afford one’s house. To send one’s kid to an affordable college. We talk about the basic on the ground issues.

As an aside, the healthcare issue was invented by Barack Obama. The costs weren’t nearly as big a problem as they are now after he ‘fixed’ it.

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