Look to Bellingham to see what a one-party Dem country will look like


Bellingham City Hall in Washington State was turned into a third world city hall. The leftists/liberals allowed the homeless (mostly radical ‘protesters’) to take it over in November. Two months later, see what it looks like below. The ‘homeless’ includes ‘protesters’ (Antifa and BLM) who say there’s not enough free housing in the area.

Mayor Seth Fleetwood was escorted out of the building Friday when protesters broke a lock at City Hall, KIRO-TV reported. Fleetwood said he wasn’t certain if protestors caused any damage, other than a broken lock.

This is what a Democrat one-party country will look like. They do not believe in the rule of law or in law enforcement.


Several protesters held signs saying, “Do not sweep” and “Provide an actual solution for the homeless.”

Journalists were ordered by the confrontational ‘protesters’ not to film, so journalists left the area.

In a statement, Fleetwood said the city seeks a peaceful end to the encampment.

“Circumstances at City Hall and the Library lawn are entirely untenable, escalated largely by protesters and outside agitators who are not residents of the encampment. Their actions are a disservice to people who are experiencing homelessness and putting them at increased risk,” Fleetwood said.

The ‘protesters’ demanded 100 free housing units and the city offered 25 and some shelter space, but the radicals won’t accept it.

Meanwhile, they keep letting needy foreigners come into Bellingham illegally.


Protestors said online they were there to advocate for the homeless who are staying at a large encampment of about 100 tents outside City Hall. Posts in the Facebook group “BOP Mutual Aid” and the Instagram page “Whatcom Focused Youth Movement” called for people to gather. It’s not clear if those causing trouble were part of either group.

They are a communist youth movement, offshoots of Antifa and BLM.

This is the city hall:

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2 years ago

The worse part is Democrat Politicians really think we will believe that 80 Million Americans actually voted for the Third World Nation that Democrats want to create.

2 years ago

Looks like an outside toilet, a 3rd world __it hole!

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
2 years ago

The homeless protesters in Bellingham were treated better than our troops in Washington, DC during the inauguration. So when their City Hall is attacked, they don’t send in troops? Another hypocritical double standard.