Looks like China lied, Trump was right again


CNN reports what the Trump administration has long been saying. China was falsely reporting their data on coronavirus infections.

“Reports dating from early February show that the number of cases reported in the province was at times 3x larger than what the public was being told.”

CNN reported lies and mocked President Trump when he said China lied, was responsible for the spread of the virus, and were lying about their numbers.

A whistleblower who worked in the Chinese health care system provided 117 pages of internal documents from Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention to CNN. The report analyzes data collected between Oct. 2019 and April 2020.

The latest propaganda pieces from China Daily, the Chinese Communist mouthpiece, is blaming India for the virus. That, of course, is a lie. These Maoists wouldn’t allow people from Wuhan to travel within the country, but had no problem letting them travel to the West and other countries.

The documents also “reveal what appears to be an inflexible health care system constrained by top-down bureaucracy and rigid procedures that were ill-equipped to deal with the emerging crisis,” according to CNN.

That’s single payer for you.

Zerohedge reports The WHO is trying to get China to cooperate. They are sending a team of scientists to Wuhan, China to investigate the origins of the virus.

We expect CNN will apologize any minute now.

Watch the Chinese communist sociologist on this clip express his glee over COVID hurting the USA. It really is possible they let this spread deliberately but you are not allowed to say that. There is too much money involved.

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