Unreal! Obama asks what if Dems acted this way & contested elections


Our first Marxist president Barack Obama is very concerned that future elections in our ‘democracy’ [it’s a Republic] will be contested. Obama – happy that Dems don’t do this sort of thing – added, “Imagine if, going forward, every single election is treated this way at every level. Imagine if Democrats start acting this way.”

Democrats called President Trump illegitimate for four years. They launched a more than 3-year Russian hoax and called for another investigation of Trump (without a crime) after the election. Their Brown Shirts have run around the country burning people and buildings down to influence the election in favor of senile Joe Biden.

After the Russia hoax, they launched a Ukraine Impeachment hoax with an unnamed, invisible witness. In truth, the only one guilty of bribery in Ukraine was Joe Biden.

If you thought George Orwell exaggerated, you were clearly mistaken.




  1. It’s NOT just a question of AMAZING hypocrasy, thought there is that
    It’s NOT just a case of arrogance, which of course, abounds
    Nor has it LONG been the case of a political party with their own ideology which conflicts with others

    No Sir, No Ma’am, this HAS evolved into a situation where by a group of people have, ABSOLUTELY, become mentally deranged. Democrats, Leftists, Liberals, all one and the same, HAVE DEVELOPED INTO SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS.

    Please do not doubt me. When a group of people become SO entrenced, SO obsessed with an ideology, this is THE most DANGEROUS form of group think mental illness.

    If you’ve ever entered into debate with these people, have you noted regardless how much PROOF you offer, it does not compute. Regardless HOW you offer rock solid evidence to them, they can’t see it. Regarless the extent of which their statements defy ALL LOGIC, it just doen’t sink in.

    If THIS ISN’T a form of severe mental illness, I don’t know what is.

    • Obama targets his low-info sycophants and hopes the other brain dead ignorant people believe his BS. He thinks repeating lies will convince the idiots and he’s probably correct.

  2. Remember he’s been in the resistance bunker taking orders from the CCP for four years getting high off of his own farts.
    The arrogant mosquito is as clueless as any other distorted lens true believer.
    Media bootlickers are probably fawning and feinting over their messiah.
    The CCP laughs at the useful idiots who made their conquest of the republic without firing a shot possible.

  3. Makes good sense.
    Bamster’s speaking to the average slob who’s only ever gotten news from anywhere but the msm and what’s absorbed from the like minded on social media.
    We’re nuts…they are “truth.”
    It’s why it was essential to get indictments f for…..fast ‘n furious…..Solyndra…VA scandal….IRS scandal….uranium to Russia….Libya scandal…..old bag’s email scandal….Carlos Danger’s laptop scandal….Washherwoman Schultz scandal…..et al.
    You let them skate on all of that……why’s anyone surprised that they are right at this minute stealing the election from Trump…..Trump who we’ll probably find out actually won Commiefornia.
    NOBODY voted for Blitherin’ Biden.

  4. This is a joke right? These whiners have done nothing but complain about the Benghazi queen not winning for four years. They did nothing but demean, denigrate and lie about DJT and his family. Maybe HRC should have stayed in the basement like China Joe and they could have rigged the election like they did this one. I find this fraud repugnant.

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