Looks like Sleepy Joe slept during his press conference with Israel PM-updated


Update: Fact-checkers say he wasn’t asleep and responding to the Prime Minister. Therefore, he was just behaving weirdly.

The leader of the ‘free’ world, the commander-in-chief Joe Biden appears to have fallen asleep as his counterpart from Israel, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was speaking and media were taping.

Biden is demented and his wife is a disgrace for helping him run for office. Democrats had to know how far gone he is and Democrats are treasonous for pushing him over the line.

And what’s with the State Department and Defense Department? Are they working for the US?

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are working on legislation to literally turn us into Marxists, the world is seriously harmed by our nation’s actions, and Joe Biden looks to be napping through all of it.



The UK’s Daily Mail news outlet reminded readers that President Joe Biden has suffered brain injuries in the past along with a heart condition.

The paper said that Biden “crumbled” as he “was confronted” by the press corps following his short address in which he read from prepared remarks.

“The 78-year-old President was lost for words at times and frustrated in others, gripping his notebook and widening his eyes while reporters from a pre-approved list asked him questions for about 30 minutes,” the Daily Mail reported, noting that the attacks on U.S. forces had occurred about eight hours before he spoke about it to the country.

One of his brain surgeons said he’s likely never be the same after his last surgery. He’s not a “healthy guy,” said one doctor.

Watch pathetic clips:

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