Loons have special instructions on how whites must behave in [St.] George Floyd Square


These people in the streets and in Congress are violent Marxists with an agenda.

A sign in George Floyd Square (yes, he has a Square) in Minneapolis offers specific directions to white people on how they must behave.

Uh, yeah, no, you racist idiots.

These Leftists are basically saying all white people are responsible for his death, all are racist, and all are inferior to these deranged revolutionaries. They are marching in the streets screaming, ‘the political revolution has begun.”

Get it?

Floyd was a violent criminal with a rap sheet as a felon who stuck a gun in a black pregnant woman’s belly and threatened to blow her baby away. She was then pistol-whipped allegedly by him and definitely his criminal friends. He was drug-addicted the day he died, probably dealing, and still committing crimes. Democrats will make his name synonymous with sainthood and justice.

[BIOPC means “black, indigenous and people of color”.]

Welcome to the Democrat clown show! The weak leaders won’t put an end to these insurrectionists.

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