Looters Steal Sneakers in Ft. Lauderdale During Hurricane Irma


In the middle of a hurricane, looters are out stealing other peoples’ things, things they worked very hard to earn.

This is what is going on in Ft. Lauderdale right now:


  1. I’m sure Someone would think this is racist but, Unfortunately you see these images of blacks doing the looting and that reflects upon the entire community. There will be those who will use these images as supporting their opinions as an inherent nature.

    There was one video of a black man with a shotgun chasing away looter which was recorded by a couple black women in a car cheering him on. I wonder how much play this one received.

    I wish more would stand up to these people, and those committing violence, and tell them you are making us All look bad. Behave yourselves.

    It used to be said by Jewish mothers when a crime was committed that she hoped it wasn’t her son, and next she hoped he wasn’t Jewish. It’s far too easy to besmirch an entire people for the acts of the few. A person doesn’t have to be a full on racists to be swayed, even a little, when it is always depicted by certain groups.

  2. No reports of any work shoes being taken. in other looting reports I heard they were taking rakes shovels and trash bags. They can’t wait to help with the clean up.

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