Lori Lightfoot Pushes Pan Africanism on Flag Day


I have come to the conclusion that every right-minded person ought to be a communist. I have hesitated all the time because communism has been misrepresented: I have been brought up on capitalistic literature, which is never satisfactory when it tries to explain working-class misery. I am convinced that no halfway measures will solve the problem…I am prepared to do my little bit to enlighten my countrymen on this point.

~ Albert Nzula, Pan-Africanism and Communism, p.375

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who doesn’t want to talk to white reporters, also doesn’t like America much.

Despite crime soaring under her reign, she only cares about promoting neo-communism. Lightfoot hung the Pan African and Juneteenth flags on FLAG DAY instead of the US flag. She skipped the Pride flag surprisingly.

The WOKES are using flags to diminish the US, not to celebrate.

Juneteenth flag
Pan African (a communist movement) flag
She is also, allegedly, cruel to staff. Her crazy memo to staff suggests she is unhinged:

Anyone surprised? Meanwhile, Chicago is worse than Kabul in terms of shootings and deaths.


The US flag triggers WOKE Democrats because they hate the flag and the USA.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

I have permanently boycotted my birthplace of Chicago, I do not step foot in there.

2 years ago

I find the Liberal Communist Democrat vision of the world insane. Liberals are always in misery of some sort and complain about everything. I moved to working-class Mississippi because the people here are happy. They don’t have to be rich to enjoy life. Liberals even complain about people in Mississippi being poor. Well money isn’t everything. Owning acreage is far nicer than a Condo and having to deal with HOA Nazis. But then you go to Jackson where all the Liberals are and they are miserable. Crime is out of control and everyone complains that the Government isn’t doing enough. Here in working-class rural Mississippi there is very little Government. People just do what needs to be done without Government. That’s why the important stuff works and no one has anything to really complain about except maybe the weather. But tomorrow is another day in the weather lottery so life is good.