Lt. Col. MacGregor on Who Blew Up Nord Stream


Lt. Col. Doug MacGregor believes the USA and UK blew up the Nordstream pipeline because they saw Chancellor Scholz “drift away from the alliance.” MacGregor also believes we are on the path to destroying NATO.

He emphasized that “he just doesn’t know” who did it.

The Colonel served as a special advisor to the secretary of defense under then-President Donald Trump. He recently spoke with Judge Napolitano on his show. They discussed the Nordstream explosion.

MacGregor pointed out that explosives equivalent to thousands of pounds of TNT had to have been used to breach the pipelines. “You have several inches of concrete around various metal alloys to move the natural gas, so it’s not something that you could simply drop a grenade down at the end of a fish line and disrupt.”

“You have to look at who are the state actors that have the capability to do this,” MacGregor said, “and that means the Royal Navy, the United States Navy, special operations.” He added that former Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski reacted to the Nord Stream attacks by saying, “Thank you, USA.”

The pipeline blasts came at a time when German leaders were “beginning to give the impression that they were no longer going to go along with this proxy war in Ukraine,” Macgregor said.

“It’s very clear that we have foreclosed Berlin’s options. Berlin was drifting away from this alliance. [Chancellor] Olaf Scholz said, ‘I’m not sending any more equipment. I won’t send any tanks.’”

He is still shying away. His people are already upset with NATO and have protested in fairly large numbers. Unfortunately for him, he’s now a vessel of the US since that’s the only place he can get fuel.

MacGregor says Ukrainians are just about out of manpower.

They discussed much more. It’s interesting.


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