MacGregor on the Inevitable Outcome of the Ukraine War


MacGregor told Judge Napolitano on his recent podcast that Ukraine cannot win the war. We are getting a lot of disinformation, he said. Russia has never used more than 20% of its ground forces. According to MacGregor, Putin doesn’t want to leave a lot of civilian deaths and damaged infrastructure.

Putin has constrained the Russian army to minimize the negative repercussions. He also discussed the reason for calling up reserves. [There are 200,000 reservists so far.]


Lt. Col. MacGregor believes Ukraine’s forces are “just about out of manpower, and when that manpower runs out, I would expect two things to happen…I think Russians would first take the opportunity to attack, and I think they’ll try to do it without ending up stuck in the mud. And that means probably after the ground freezes. The ground is likely to freeze the end of October towards the beginning of November.”

He thinks the war will “come to closure at that time.” He doesn’t know what it means for Ukraine.

“We know that the Ukrainian chief of staff and the Russian chief of staff had a phone call within the last few days to discuss how to end the war. And we don’t know what came out of it….I take that as an indicator that the Ukrainians are nearing the end of their rope.”

One of the things coming out of Ukraine is that Zelensky is assembling scientists to put together a nuclear bomb, a “dirty bomb.” MacGregor thinks it shows “Ukrainians are quite desperate.”

He said he has seen photos of hundreds of ambulances coming from southern Ukraine and back to Kyiv and further West because all the facilities to handle the wounded near the front are completely full.

Russians have allowed ceasefires to allow Ukrainians to “pick up their dead and evacuate them.”


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

The NWO, Z, and Biden are incredibly dangerous. For the US government to not control this situation shows the horrible condition we are in. It favors escalation, but is not talking about it. The pipeline sabotage was reckless. And there is no debate in congress. Both sides have no regard for our safety or our debt, they gladly pour billions against our will. They are hurdling us towards disaster. So many people no longer have any confidence in US policy whether it be external or internal. At this point, if a US policy was correct, we still would not believe it, because there is so much precedence to the contrary.

11 months ago

Putin wants Ukraine intact. He wants the agricultural resources and the Ports. If Zelensky starts destroying resources like the pipelines, Putin will go Nuclear on the population centers in Western Ukraine in order to preserve those resources in order to supply fuel to Russia. Europe will stand by a let him.

Traitor Joe has played this so wrong we will have no friends in Europe by next spring!