Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn issues a baleful warning to Americans


The hard left in our country is working overtime to dismantle our Constitution and our constitutional republic. Everybody needs to understand that.

~ Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn

General Flynn isn’t wrong about this. He has been banned from social media, but he is correct when he says we are on a path to communism, socialism, state-controlled government. It’s not liberalism. The other path is freedom and capitalism. He needs to be heard.

General Flynn believes there is a lot of buyer’s remorse out there. He also thinks that about 20 million of Biden’s votes were likely fraudulent.

He strongly suggests people of faith get involved. The system is broken down, and we need more than preaching, we need feet on the ground. Now is the time to step up and we need to do it fast, the General said.

Politicians who are talking about running for President in 2024, can forget it, he said. They aren’t talking about the corrupt 2020 election.

How obvious does it have to become before people realize we are heading for communism? Is this what they want?


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