Lt Gov explains why TX rejected Dominion as a “piece of junk,”” prone to fraud”


Dan Patrick explained why Texas rejected the Dominion voter software three times, over a year ago. All of their six experts said the software was unreliable — a “piece of junk.” Dominion is prone to “manipulation and fraud.”

All six of their experts said they were “error-prone, did not “meet our standards” and concluded, “do not buy this software.” They said the software “could change ballots,” and not count other ballots.

The experts said, “these are prone to manipulation and fraud.” In one case, an expert took  ” their cell phone, hooked it up to a USB port, and were able to download all of the information from that voting machine into their cellphone.”

He mentioned that Maricopa County uses those machines where Perdue came in under 50%.

The Texas Lt. Governor offered a one million dollar reward to anyone who can prove Dominion is a scam — proof that leads up to arrest and conviction.

The mainstream media says Dominion is great, and there are no problems. Academia is mocking him.


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